You want to know your heritage and family history, but you don’t know where to start and don’t have time to research. With my expertise, we’ll find the information to build your tree or solve a family mystery. You’ll receive a report that documents your heritage, and have a legacy to share with your family.

Learn Who You Are

Knowing your ancestors gives you a sense of unique self-assured identity.

Share Your Legacy

Create a family history to hand down to your children or other family members.


Find Your Place in History

Watch history come alive when you see where your family played a role or lived through historic events.

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About Julie Walker, CG®

Julie Walker

Julie is a Helena, Montana-based genealogist. She is passionate about genealogy, and loves connecting people to their heritage.

Julie Walker, CG®

Owner, Walker Genealogical Research

The words Certified Genealogist and its acronym, CG, are registered certification marks of the Board for Certification of Genealogists®, used under license by authorized associates following peer-reviewed competency evaluations.

Certifications and Education



Walker, Julie. “Who was the mother of Hannah Roe? A Case Study in Cultural Context and Americanized Surnames.” Minnesota Genealogist 52 (Summer 2021): 21-24.

Walker, Julie. “A Biographical Sketch of Josie (Walker) Penfield Maginn of Minnesota, Montana, and Oregon.” Minnesota Genealogist 53 (Autumn 2022): 25-29.

Walker, Julie. “Finding Uncle Charles: Investigating the Truth of a Family Legend.” The California Nugget 14 (Fall 2022): 15-20.

National Genealogical Society Member
APG member


Research Report

Find the answer to a specific genealogical question.

Focused question of identity or relationship. Research an ancestor or solve a mystery. Choose the number of research hours.

Biographical Sketch

A detailed narrative about a person or family based on source-cited documents, including census, vital, probate, land, tax, and other historical records.


Document Retrieval

Archives visit in Montana or vicinity for document retrieval, or research for other genealogists as a subcontractor.

Tech Support or Training

Get help building your own tree. Learn where to start, or how to use software or online programs without frustration.

What My Clients Say

I’m so thankful for Julie and her genealogy expertise. Taking just a scant amount of information, she was able to unravel a 62-year-old adoption mystery in hours, using a vast array of resources to piece together the results, in a way that made it understandable. Julie’s ability to delve in and deliver shocking information, buffered by her innate ability to gently guide you through, made the process of personal discovery feel like a friend that has your best interest at heart. Her knowledge and experience led the way, she made the journey so enjoyable.

Diane Symm, Texas

After a couple of absolutely frustrating years searching on my own, trying to figure out what had happened to my grandfather who seemed to disappear from the planet around 1926, I came across the incredible Julie Walker! In a very short time frame, using clues from DNA, Julie solved the mystery. He’d left a wife and nine children in Canada without a word, assumed a second identity, married again in the U.S.A., and had four more children with wife #2! I’d tried everything on my own that had been recommended, spent many dollars joining websites, and had requested searches in all the recommended locations. I found nothing. Julie not only solved the mystery, but documents and DNA proved it all to be true. I definitely will be recommending Julie Walker to anyone looking to solve family mysteries! KUDOS to Julie!!

Sharon Bacon, Alberta, Canada

Years ago, I did DNA testing, and while I had matches to my birthmother’s surname, I did not have matches to the paternal surname on my birth certificate. Julie was able to construct my true paternal family tree using my DNA results. Her compassionate encouragement and guidance helped me reach out to my paternal DNA matches, and make connections that allowed me to see photos and information about my birth father. Even though both of my birth parents were long deceased, for the first time in my life I know who I look like, and I smile when I see their faces. I am forever grateful to Julie.

Elinor Edmunds Miller, Montana

Thank you for your diligent work! My husband loved the gift so much and actually, my sons loved it almost as much! They’ve been pouring over it! What a family treasure! Thank you so much!!

Erin Turner, Montana

Working with Julie was life changing! I was adopted, and didn’t have much information about my biological parents. She was able to connect the dots and solve my lifelong mystery, connecting me with my family. I was amazed to learn I have a brother! I highly recommend working with Julie.

Lonnie Wray, British Columbia, Canada

Julie helped me put some answers to some age old questions I had about my family history. She made magic, by bringing my family’s story to life, with very little to go on. Julie is a master at solving mysteries.

Kat Van Fossen, North Carolina

The report I received from Julie on my family history was comprehensive, professional, and timely. Her ability to find facts and chase down details was awesome. I wouldn’t hesitate to use her services again.

M.J. Kello, Butte, Montana

Julie was awesome in helping me make sense of my Ancestry information and researching to answer my questions.

Penny Van Hise, Wyoming

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